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 – Jon Austin, Los Angeles CA 

Dear Internet Friend,

It’s Amazing 95% of all men have no clue when it comes to girls, dating and seduction and I was one of them! After having hit and miss success with girls for years and going through the dry spells that most men experience, I finally found the amazing secrets that those 5% of men know to be super successful with girls! These secrets are so powerful and yet so easy that you will get girls like crazy almost over night, once you start using them!

Would you like to be able to meet, date, seduce and…have sex with beautiful girls…to have the social and sex life that you have…always dreamed of… to be able to be dating and having sex with as many girls as you desire?

I want you to STOP...and imagine... that you are out and you see a really attractive girls...You go up to her and talk to her, before you know it you are having coffee with her and then you go back to her place and have amazing sex!!! All within hours of just meeting her!

Do you really want to experience that, and make that a reality? To fullfill all of your dating and sexual fantasies and desires?

If so, then keep reading and give me...your undivided attention...for the next few minutes, because I am going to share with you...the secrets...that can make you incredibly successful with girls and change your life forever! Guaranteed!

I am going to tell you my story and more about these secrets in just a minute but first read these below...

“I have to say that your techniques have truly changed my life, It used to be hit and miss for me, but now I know exactly what to do when I see a woman I want to meet. Thanks so much for this wonderful information” – Joseph Martin, FL

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“I get laid more now than ever before! This stuff works like a charm, I only wish I had found it sooner! Keep up the good work man, I look forward to next months newsletter!” –Bill Rice, AZ

 The Fear of Rejection, Ignorance and lack of Self-Confidence
Dooms Many Men To Involuntary Celibacy, Loneliness and
 Settling for Less in Their Relationships!

So many men are afraid to approach the kind and type of girls they truly desire, which leaves them lonely, celibate or settling for less in their partners and relationships! All of which are nightmare situations to be in!

For some men this fear of rejection is so strong it actually makes them want to run in the opposite direction from the women that they truly desire to meet and be with.

This fear is caused by ignorance. Ignorance of what girls want, how to approach girls, and how to interact with girls on a social and sexual level. Once you learn how to approach girls you will have all of the self confidence you need to be super successful with girls!

Other men have many girls friends that the do things for constantly yet are unable to develop any sexual relationships with these girls, which causes great frustration, resentment, confusion and unhappiness in their lives. The problem is that they are leaving out critical steps in their interactions with girls that naturally lead to sexual encounters and relationships!

 You Can Learn How to be Wildly Successful with the girls
 You Truly Desire to Be With!!

How do I know this? Because I was one of those men that I just spoke of!!! I personally experienced it in 2 different periods in my life each lasting over a year!

Even though I knew how to please a woman in bed and had been successful with girls in the past, (but it had always been hit & miss) and then I went in to a dry spell 2 times that lasted a little over two years combined! And I was in a totally involuntary celibate hell!

I would ask a girl out and then she would tell me she had a boyfriend or was involved or even be plain rude to me. When they did make a date with me they would always cancel out for some reason or another at the last minute. And when I was lucky enough to get one to go out with me the date went so horrible and there was no connection between us that it was nothing more that a waste of my time, money and effort!

The weird part was that I was successful with girls in the past; girls still told me that I was good looking, I was in good shape, I was good in bed, but it never got that far during this period of my life.

I actually started to resent girls for my pain (what a joke I resented the entire female race because I felt rejected by them, when all along it was my ignorance and inability to interact with them that was causing the problem) I loved girls on one side and hated them for not loving me or giving me the attention I felt I deserved.

 I also hated the fact that I was so nice and good to girls and only the jerks that I knew who used women and treated them like crap got women every time they turned around!

And I was the nice respectful guy always all alone and every time I saw a pretty girl with a guy I would get depressed and think “Why can’t I get any girls?”

The reason I am sharing this with you and bearing my soul is that I know that some of you out there are in this very same position right now and I want you to know that you can make it through it! You can get past this! And you will get past this and have the dating, sex and social life that you desire and deserve, once you learn the secrets I will share with you in this site!

The Same Secrets that Turned my Sex and Dating Life Around, and Will Make You Wildly Successful with Women Almost Overnight!

I have spent thousands of dollars on all of the dating books, courses, videos, seminars… Everything from NLP to Hypnosis and more...But my research did not stop there…I also asked almost 1,000 women in my on going anonymous web survey every dating related question I could think of! You will be amazing and shocked by some of their answers! But they told me everything! Everything you need to know to be incredibly successful with women!

I also found that there are certain things that you must do when meeting and dating girls in order to be sexually successful with them and that if you don’t do them you are almost doomed to certain failure every time you approach a woman!

Armed with all of this information you will knew exactly how to approach, meet and seduce the girls you desire!

Using the simple techniques I will teach you, I finally pulled out of the ignorance how to interact with women that trapped me in a celibate nightmare and turned my dating and sex life around! To the point of where I can hardly remember those awful experiences (in fact my friends almost don’t remember me going through them either)

I now have a very attractive girlfriend who is also my best friend and amazing in bed! And when I met her I was dating two other girls at the same time and having sex with all of them!

I am still friends with the other two and every now an again I still see one of them ;o) (I have an arrangement with my girlfriend that I still have my freedom to date, but I don’t lie or cheat! I am upfront about it!)

The best part is that I now have the confidence and ability to walk up to any woman I see and meet her! And that  I know that I am in my current relationship, not because I did not have the ability to meet other women or because I settled for less, but because I have found someone truly special and want to spend my time with her instead of other women.

You Don’t Have To Be Good Looking Or Rich To Meet, Date
And Have Sex With Beautiful girls!!!

Most men think that you have to be a bodybuilder, a male model, a rock star, or have mega bucks to get beautiful women! But that is just not true! In fact most of the time you see average looking or even ugly men with really beautiful women! The reason for this is that women fall for men based on their personality more than their looks.

In fact there is an old saying that states “Men fall in love with their eyes, and women fall in love with their ears.” And this is the truth!

So to be ultra successful with beautiful women you don’t need to be a millionaire or a model, you just need to know what to say and how to have the right attitude!

If you are already rich or good looking it will only help, but sometimes it can hurt if you only rely on your money or looks. In fact I know men who have money or are very good looking that don’t do as well with women as the average men that I know, who shared their secrets with me!

You will also notice that most of the time really good looking men are with only average looking women. Why is that? Because beautiful women want all of the attention and don’t want to compete with their man for the attention! Sure beautiful women may sleep with a great looking guy but they rarely stay with him for very long, unless he knows the secrets of how to keep her emotionally satisfied.

You will learn everything you need to know to be outrageously successful with girls in my
 Amazing Dating Secrets Members Area Course!

That’s right, my course is a complete solution to your dating problems. I cover everthing you need to know including...

  • The Absolute Best places to meet girls! Now you will always know where to meet women!
  • The Best Sure-Fire ways to approach women. You will have the confidence, abilty and technique to approach any woman anywhere!
  • What to say when frist meeting women. You will know exactly what to say when first meeting her and how to continue the conversation effortlessly!
  • Self-improvment and making the most of yourself! You will learn the secrets of looking your best and making the most of what your natural attributes!
  •  Seduction Techniques, that will turn her on so much that she will want to rip your rip your clothes off and F*** you right then and there!!
  • NLP and Hypnotic seduction techniques that will make her attracted to you and feel like she has known you for ever! And want you right now!
  • And Much More!!!

You will discover in the following sections of my course...

Self-Improvment: Making The Most of Yourself!
A guide that will teach you how to look your best, feel better and create your own style, without spending a fortune! You will learn...

  • How to pick your wardrobe and look for your particular look and style!
  • How to look your best, the same way Hollywood stars do, but without spending
       the thousands of dollars that they spend to look their best!
  • Learn a few simple dietary changes that will help you to shed pounds, improve
       your health and feel like a million bucks!
  • To make the most of yourself and naturally attract more women becuase you
       are such a catch! They will be lined up to be with you!
  • Dating 101: The Basics You Need To Know!
    A Step-by-Step guide that will bring you up to speed fast, and teach you all of the basics you MUST know to be successful with women!When you...

  • Learn why you never have to lie to get a woman in bed and why you will get 10
       times more women being completely honest!
  • Learn the 8 Best places to Meet women! Never run out of women to meet!
  • Learn to recognize that opportunities are all around you all day long and meet
       women everywhere you go!
  • Learn a Sure-Fire technique for getting her phone number Tthat Works 8 out of
       10 times! I never ask without this technique!
  • Have girls refering you out to their friends and sharing you with them!
  • The No Line Opening Approach
    The first few words that you say to a woman can make or break your
    chances with a woman, so make sure that you know what to say! You will...

  • Learn what women really think of your pick up lines! Read from my survey of
       over 1000 women.
  • Discover exactly what to say when meeting women for the first time! This will 
       make meeting new women almost effortless!
  • Read in their own words how women want you to approach them! You will learn
       right from the responces over 1000 women!
  • Learn 3 Sure-Fire Apporached that make meeting new women almost effortless!
       Once you are armed with these three approaches you will never just stand there
       like a fool stairing at her. You Will be over there talking to her!
  • Learn powerful Ice Breakers! That make meeting new women as easy as saying     one sentance. These are not cheesy pickup lines, but proven opening techniques      that really work!
  • Learn how to read her signals that she want to go back to your place or her
         place to get to know you better! You must beable to recognize her signals
         becasue if she is not sending it you will look pushy and if you miss it you will
         look clueless and missout on the opportunity to have sex with her!
  • 10 Easy Ways to Continue the Conversation:
    Never let your conversation run out of steam again or have that terrible awkward silence hanging over your head, which will kill any chance you had with her!

  • Learn 10 easy ways to keep the conversation going! Once you learn these you
       will never have to worry about what to say again!
  • Discover how to keep her eyes and interest glued to you! You don’t want her
       looking at your friend or the guy behind her do you? Then this is a must!
  • Meet more women and make more friends! The more people you know the
       more women you will meet, date and seduce!
  • Learn when to talk and when not to talk! This is very important becuase you can
       talk your way out of her bed just as easily as you can talk your way into her bed!
       You must know when to SHUT UP and what NOT to say!
  • Get her to tell you how she wants you to seduce her! Every woman has her own
       mental blue print for seduction, and once you get her to reveal it she is as good
       as yours because she will be giving you the exact formula to seduce her!
  • 30 Days to Absolute Dating Success!
    A Step-by-Step program for meeting and dating more women than
    you can handle in the next 30 days! You will...

  • Make this the best year ever for meeting & scoring with women! You will
         transform your dating life!
  • Learn how to meet more women in the next 30 days then most men
         meet all year long! A proven system that works like magic!
  • Learn to recognize that opportunities are all around you all day long and meet
         women everywhere! Right now you are letting women slip through your fingers
         STOP IT! And take advantage of all of the opportunities you even recgnize.
  • Have a steady flow of new women every month! If that is what you desire or stop
         when you have meet the right one for you!
  • Have girls refering you out to their friends! That’s right make it a win/win
         situation for both of you and if it does not work out have her set you up!
  • Why Women Love Bad Boys & Jerks:
    You will learn why women love bad boys and jerks and how you can be a Good Guy and still have them love you to, when you...

  • Learn what girls see in the Bad Boys and Jerks that turns them on so much
       and how to make her see it in you!
  • Discover how you can be a Good Guy Instead of a Nice Guy! Being a good guy
       is the best of both worlds, because you get laid like a Bad Boy, but make friends
       instead of enemies!
  • Find out why Nice Guys always lose and why Good Guys Win! Yes its sad but
       true nice guys often get walked all over no matter how hard they try and NO
       SEX! Find out why this happens and how to make sure it never happens to you!
  • Build a better more Exciting, Adventurous You, that will Attract girls Like
       Crazy! Transform yourself into the man of her dreams, they kind of man ever
       woman desire to have sex with!
  • Learn the Secrets that Bad Boys know that you don’t! Why should they get all
       of the girls while you sit there alone. It does not have that way anymore!
  • Discover the Amazing 12 Attractive Qualities of the Bad Boy and how you can
       Capitalize On them to be Super Successful With girls!
  • Seduction Techniques 101:
    Learn the techniques to transform a meeting or a date into a successful seduction that will leave you both breathless and wanting more!

  • What you must do in the first few minutes of meeting a woman! If you don’t do
       this you will blow your chances 90% of the time and the odds are you are not
       doing it now!
  • How to capture her attention before another guy does! Hey it a very
       competitive market out there and you must capture her attention before the
       other guy does!
  • The 7 Steps to a successful seduction!!! Once you master these you will never
       have a problem getting girls in bed!
  • The 8 psychological requirements you must meet in her mind before she will
       have sex with you! You can’t to have any chance with girls if you don’t pass           their tests! Some men do it automatically but most fail miserably!!
  • Powerful rapport building techniques that will make her feel incredibly
       comfortable just being with you! The is a key being successful not only with
       girls but also in business! Be like to be around people that make then feel
       at ease!
  • How to turn a meeting into a seduction that will lead back you your place! That’s
       right you will learn how to skip past all of the traditional “Dating Rules” and turn
       initial and second meetings into seductions.
  • How to use your voice and tonality for seduction! This is one of the most
       powerful yet simple aspects of the course. You will develop the ability to turn
       her on just with the sound and tone of your voice! Then when you add the right
       words WOW!
  • Learn how to get into her imagination and direct it to where you want it to go!
       Fill her mind images of you and her getting it on and she will start to see you
       in a whole new light and start to desire you in those ways!
  • And Much More!
  • Seduction Techniques 102: The multi part seduction series.
    Learn the advanced techniques to get her thinking what you want her to think and how to direct her thoughts toward having sex with you.

  • Learn how to create in her intense states of attraction to you! This will amaze
       you when you see how well and how fast this works!
  • Discover how to connect her strongest feelings to you! Using this technique you
       can actually become her object of strongest desire!
  • Learn how the power of asking her questions can make her yours! Once you
       discover the art of asking the right questions you will be able to create intense
       feelings of attraction and desire in her.
  • Discover how to use other people’s words to turn her on! With out risking
       rejection! If you know how to say it you can say almost anything to her! A very
       powerful technique for turning her on without risking rejection!
  • The power of story telling for seduction! An amazing tool for delivering the
       content of what you want her to feel for you without being forward!
  • And Much More!
  • But That’s Not All You Get with Your Subscription to
     Amazing Dating Secrets.com

    You will also get instant access to...

  • The subscribers only message board: where you can post and read messages, and
       share information and techniques with other subscribers! A valueable tool for learning new
  • The Subscribers Only E-mail Questions & Answers Section: Where I answer
       subscriber submitted questions.
  • The actual surveys from my anonymous survery of 1000 women on dating:
       Read their actual responces. This will give you tremendious insite into the mind of women!
       You will learn exactly what the expect from you when you meet then for the first time!
  • Get 3 Special Bonuses When You Subscribe Before:

    Becuase just seducing a woman and getting her into your bed is not enough, you also have to be able to please her, and rock her world in sexually if you want her to return again and again!

    So knowing this I am also going to offer you the following three valuable bonuses If you subscribe before midnight !

    Special Bonus #1: My Guide to “Becoming A Master Of Oral Sex!”

    You will learn all that you need to know to become a Master of Oral Sex Technique when you learn...

  • It all starts with a kiss, so you will learn how to become an excellent and passionate kisser.
       Most women decide if they will ever have sex with you by how you kiss! If you don’t know
       how to kiss passionately you will never get her into bed!
  • How to orally caress her breasts, tummy, back and whole body the right way,
       guaranteed to make her want more! Learn 8 amazing techniques that will drive her
       absolutley wild! Step-by-step full color illustrations!
  • Oral vaginal/clitoral stimulation techniques that will absolutley blow her mind and wring
       orgasm after orgasm from her willing body!
  • Special Bonus #2: The Art of Anal Sex & Ecstacy!

    Many men want to experience having anal sex with their partners, but find them unwilling. The truth is that most women either hate anal sex or they love anal sex. The ones that hate it are the one who have never been with a lover who had the proper technique to give them an pleasurable anal sex experience. You will be that lover when you learn...

  • How to dispell the negitave myths and mis-information regarding anal sex from her mind!
  • The.anal sex precautions and safety, to make sure you both have a safe and pleasurable
  • How to warm her up and get her in the mood for anal sex using the nessary anal foreplay,
       over 17 techniques explained in detail!
  •  The proper anal intercourse entry technique explained step-by-step! When done right she
       will be ready and willing!
  • Amazing anal thrusting techniques, that will give your lover amazing anal ecstacy!
  • Special Bonus #3: Exclusive Uncensored Women’s Sex Survey!

    I am going to give you my report "What women want in bed!" I surveyed over 10,000 women and asked them questions like:

  • What makes a man a great lover?
  • Does penis size really matter?
  • What is the perfect penis size?
  • What is your favorite sexual position?
  • What drives you absolutely wild in bed?
  • Tell us your most exciting sexual experience?
  • Do you enjoy anal sex?
  • What is your most desired fantasy?
  • And many, many, more questions!!!
  • You get access to 100 pages (I could not fit all 10,000 in or it would be 10,000 pages) of uncensored answers from women who answered our explicit sexual questionnaire.

    You will read their most erotic experiences and fantasies as they anonymously tell us everything!!! Read about what they desire in bed and what they feel makes a man a great lover!!! This Report Alone will help you to gain tremendous insight into what women really want in bed!

    So what is the cost of this truly life changing course in
     Dating & Seduction?

    Before I answer that question I want to ask yourself the following questions... how much do you think a course is worth that would enable to you date & seduce the kind of women you truly desire?

    • How much do you spend on trying to meet women now by going out to clubs, buying them drinks? $20 - $80 or more a weekend?
    • How many times have you paid good money to go to a strip club and wasted money buying dances and on tiping dancers to only go home alone? $15 to get in 2 drinks and $2-$30 a dance? One trip could cost you $50 to $200 dollars or more!
    • How much money have you spent on porn becuase you were not able to get a real women and have real sex ? $39.95 a month on internet porn site? A magazine $6.95 per issue? and for what so you can wack off alone!!!

    You will put an end to all of that wasted money when you learn how to meet, date and seduce the beautiful young sexy women that you truly desire instead of some artifical substitute that you have to pay for!

    The cost for the entire online course that will teach you everthing you need to know to be amazign my successful with women and have the social and sex life you have always desired is only $29.95 for a one year subscription to the members area, that’s less than .10 a day to change and improve your dating and sex life for ever!

    100% Money Back Guarantee!
    Your Success With Women Is Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

    That’s right if you after 6 months of following the course exactly as I present it to you, you don’t feel that you are more successful with women and have not had at least 3 dates in that time, you have every right to ask for your money back! The only condition is that you apply the techniques as presented and the reason for that is that this is not a course for people that just want theory, but one for men who WANT REAL RESULTS! And to be truly successful with women and are willing to put in the time to change their lives! The good news is that it is a Fun course and meeting women, dating and seducing women is all a blast!

    You Are Only Seconds Away From Accessing The Dating & Seduction Secrets That Will Change Your Life Forever!

    It’s Simple & Easy to Subscribe Risk Free Right Now!

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    Remember that when you order online right now you will get access right away and you can start using the techniques immediately and be on your way to meeting and seducing more girls than you ever dreamed of!

    I look forward to getting and posting your success stories in the members section and hearing how the techniques I shared with you has changed your Social & Sex life!

    I really love to hear from my customers and their success stories because it let’s me know that I am making a difference in someone’s life. So please write me with your experiences and testimonials.


    Mark Simon

    P.S. Remember right now for a limited time only you can try the newsletter for only $29.95 which less that a couple of drinks that you have when you go out and still come home alone (and much healthier.)

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