Why This Site is Different From All of the Other Seduction and Dating Books, Courses, Videos and Sites!

There are quite a few books, videos, audio tapes and sites out there and I think that I have bought or subscribed to them all at one time or another and many have great information and if you have $200-300 to buy the home study courses, or $500 to buy the video courses, and $30 for each book someone is selling then go for it! Sign up for this site and buy all of them as well, you can never learn too much!

I did and I learned a lot but it also cost me a lot! And because I have spent the money on all of those courses and as Bruce Lee taught  ďAbsorbed what is usefulĒ  you donít have to pay those high prices to learn to be successful with women.

There are also several web sites now that claim they will teach you to be successful with women if you buy their e-book and some of them may be good, but most of them give you very little content for your $30-$40 bucks! I give you as much or more information in my newsletter every month then most of them do in their entire e-book. You have to be careful with e-books, some are great and some suck!

One thing my site offers that none of these other options above offer is that itís not static. Itís not an outdated book or course that was written 5-10 years ago!  I write it fresh each and every month. I am out their daily just like you meeting new women, dating and experiencing, and I write from my experiences, knowledge base, member feedback, and my dating surveys from real women!

The other thing that you get with your subscription is real feedback, with other men who are experiencing and overcoming their dating fears, problem, and objections just like you. Remember you can read, post and share information, experiences and techniques with other members on the message board.

I also answer member submitted questions in my weekly Q&A section where I pick a new member submitted question each week!

So you see, you not only get my Amazing Dating Secrets, but you also get a menís dating support group which is very important when you hit a obstacle, or need a boost of confidence and reassurance, that you are not alone out there!

Special Introductory Offer If You Subscribe
 Before Midnight Sunday September 15 2002

Because this site and the newsletter is brand new, I am offering a the subscription for the insanely low price of only $9.95 a month which is only 1/3 of what the price will be when the site is in full swing and is offering even more than I have listed on this page. Because you are getting in on the ground floor and will be one of my founding subscribers you will always be billed only $9.95 a month for as long as you are a member no matter how high I raise the price!

But I Am Going to Make it Impossible for You to Pass Up This Sex Life Changing Information and Let You Join Right Now for Only $2.95!

Because I know the power and quality of the information contained in the subscribers section of this site, I am going to give you the opportunity to peek into my site and try it out with full access for a full week for only $2.95!

Yes, that is right! I am so convinced that you will love the life changing information, methods and techniques that you will be learning that I am going to let you try the site for only $2.95 for the first week!

You will be getting more information for only $2.95 than many sites charge you $49.95 for their e-books! So the worst thing that could happen is that you get over 15 times your moneys worth!

If you are happy do nothing and your membership will automatically convert over to the standard $9.95 monthly membership and you will continue to have access to the subscriber forum and all of my new monthly articles filled with amazing dating & seduction techniques that are sure to change your dating life!

If you donít like the site or just feel that it is not for you, you can cancel your membership before the end of the trial period and you will never be billed again and will only pay the $2.95! But to get this special offer you must join before midnight  Sunday September 15 2002! ( You may only sign-up for the trial week one time)

Also once you are on the $9.95 monthly membership you can also cancel at any time, but you are not going to want to! (However if cancel and decide to rejoin at a later date you will have to pay the current monthly price at the time you rejoin which may be much higher!)

Now that I have told you about the success of these techniques and about the truly affordable but limited time offer to try the site out for one full week the next step is up to you.

We both know that if youíve read this far you already...have a strong desire... to become successful with women, and to...subscribe to the site now...is all that is left for you to take action and be on your way to a new and improved social/sex life!

If you want to meet, date and seduce beautiful women...if you want to have the confidence to approach any woman you desire...if you want to stop standing there like a fool and actually talk to her...if you want to end the pain of going home alone everytime as you watch other guy get all of hot women...if you want to experience the pleasure of making love to a incredible woman, as often as you want then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of what I am offering you, Right Now!!!

You Are Only Seconds Away From Accessing The Dating & Seduction Secrets That Will Change Your Life Forever!

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Remember that when you order online right now you will get access right away and you can start using the techniques immediately and be on your way to meeting and seducing more women than you ever dreamed of!

I look forward to getting and posting your success stories in the members section and hearing how the techniques I shared with you has changed your Social & Sex life!

I really love to hear from my customers and their success stories because it letís me know that I am making a difference in someoneís life. So please write me with your experiences and testimonials.


Mark Simon

P.S. Remember right now for a limited time only you can try the newsletter for one week for only $2.95 which less that a burger and fries or a pack of cigarettes(and much healthier.)

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Thatís right no B.S. I tell it like it is and I do the same when I teach you what works and what does not inside the site! If you want to get real women and real results then...subscribe now...or if you want to be one of the millions of average men who are unhappy with their current sex/socal life  keep doing what you have always done and you get the same results you have always gotten!


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