The Fear of Rejection, Ignorance and lack of Self-Confidence
Doom Many Men to Involuntary Celibacy, Loneliness and
 Settling for Less in Their Relationships!

Some many men are afraid to approach the kind and type of women they truly desire, which leaves them lonely, celibate or settling for less in their partners and relationships! All of which are nightmare situations to be in!

For some men this fear of rejection is so strong it actually makes them want to run in the opposite direction from the women that they truly desire to meet and be with.

This fear is caused by ignorance. Ignorance of what women want, how to approach women, and how to interact with women on a social and sexual level.

Other men have many women friends yet are unable to develop any sexual relationships with the women they desire, which causes great frustration, resentment, confusion and unhappiness in their lives.

It Does NOT Have to be That Way For YOU!
 You Can Learn How to be Wildly Successful with the Women
 You Truly Desire to Be With!!

How do I know this? Because I was one of those men that I just spoke of!!! I personally experienced it in 2 different periods in my life each lasting over a year!

Even though I knew how to please a woman in bed and had been successful with women in the past, (but had always been hit & miss) and then I went in to a dry spell 2 times that lasted a little over two years combined! And I was in totally involuntary celibate hell!

I had been successful in the past with women, and then had some personal & financial problems in my life, but still was able to date and have a sex life previously to this, but then as my life started to turn around and improve financially something weird happened, I am still not sure what it was. But I could not get a date or get laid to save my life!

I would ask a girl out and then she would tell me she had a boyfriend or was involved or even be plain rude to me. When they did make a date with me they would always cancel out for some reason or another at the last minute. And when I was lucky enough to get one to go out with me the date went so horrible and there was no connection between us that it was nothing more that a waste of my time, money and effort!

The weird part was that I was successful with women in the past; women still told me that I was good looking, I was in good shape, I was good in bed, but it never got that far during this period of my life.

I actually started to resent women for my pain (what a joke I resented the entire female race because I felt rejected by them, when all along it was my ignorance and inability to interact with them that was causing the problem) I loved women on one side and hated them for not loving me or giving me the attention I felt I deserved.

 I also hated the fact that I was so nice and good to women and only the jerks that I knew who used women and treated them like crap got women every time they turned around!

And I was the nice respectful guy always all alone. It hurt so bad I actually cried! And every time I saw a pretty girl with a guy I would get depressed and think “Why can’t I  get any girls?”

The reason I am sharing this with you and bearing my soul is that I know that some of you out there are in this very same position RIGHT NOW and I want you to know that you CAN make it through it! You CAN get past this! And you WILL get past this! And you WILL have the dating, sex and social life that you desire and deserve!

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