Amazing Dating Secrets FAQ:

What make your secrets so special?
Well first off, because they work…they are really simple and easy to use and to master and you can learn them in a very short period of time. And the way they are presented and the process which I outline for you to learn and integrate them into your personality.

So what is this magic technique?
No magic, just real time tested, proven techniques based on input from men who are successful men and over 1,000 women. There is no magic formula for that will guarantee you success with every woman, every time, but you can increase your chances very significantly and have more women than you ever dreamed of! You can go from in getting in 1:20 to 1:4 for example.

Anyone that tells you there are magic words or a magic pick-up line that works every time is trying very hard to sell you something and is lying to you!

I am not offering you magic, but I am offering you the knowledge, ability and skills to become truly successful with women.

I saw another web site (or book ) why is yours better?
I really can’t answer that unless I have been in that site (or read the book) But what I can tell you is that I have studied thousands of dollars of information and distilled down to a workable program that has been proven to work! I might have ever already read the book or site that you have seen.

 I also have everyone beat on price…You can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to learn what I am teaching (I know I did!) or you can spend  $29.95 a year and get the essence and not all of the filler in all of those books, tapes and videos.

You see I am a busy person and my goal is to give you the best information possible in the least number of pages for you to read…( But it’s still a ton of information over 200 pages in fact!) rather than to try to fill up empty pages in a book with filler.

As I have said before I am not here to bash anyone and I am constantly reading and studying other peoples work and still learning, because you can never learn to much, and I encourage to learn as much as possible including from my competitors!

Will this really work for me?
If you follow the techniques exactly as I teach them, YES IT WILL! It worked for me and countless other men from all of over the world.

I know one thing for sure, if you are not successful with women now and you keep doing the same thing you have already been doing you are going to keep getting the same results!

So get off your ass and try something NEW! Make a change!

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?
Yes I do, I guess you must have missed it on the front page of the website but here it is again:
Follow my course for 6 months exactly as I present it to you, and  you don’t feel that you are more successful with women and have not had at least 3 dates in that time, you have every right to ask for your money back! The only condition is that you apply the techniques as presented and the reason for that is that this is not a course for people that just want theory, but one for men who WANT REAL RESULTS! And to be truly successful with women and are willing to put in the time to change their lives! The good news is that it is a Fun course and meeting women, dating and seducing women is all a blast!

Why are you sharing your secrets?
Because I am one man and there are millions of women all over the world, so it will not effect my dating in any way what so ever!

Also because I get tired of seeing men make total asses of themselves because they don’t know how to interact with women! It really pathetic the way most men try to meet women...

And last but certainly not least! Straight forward to make money! That’s right, I have the knowledge, I have spent years of my life to learn this stuff and now I am willing to share it for a price. And the only way I can continue to learn and study is to get paid for my knowledge!

I mean think about it, you’ll spend money on women to buy them food and drinks and get nothing in return, and if you are not willing to pay for the information that will change all of that for you and out you on the receiving end for a change...Then you have a problem that is too deep for me to help with and you almost deserve to be unsuccessful with women I mean after all I spend about $200 a month on book to constantly improve me abilities and if you are not willing to try to improve yourself how do you expect to compete with my other subscribers and men who do in the dating market!

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