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What is Seduction?

Seduction: The process of creating a strong desire in a woman to want to have sexual relations with you, by leading her through the required mental states, and at the same time freeing her from any inhibitions, fears, or objections that may stand in her way of receiving pleasure from the process of seduction or preventing her from enjoying having sex with you.

You see when you seduce a woman you are not taking advantage of her (if done properly and honestly which is the only way I do it) you are taking her though a very fulfilling and pleasurable seduction experience for her that she will enjoy. You are satisfying her mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

Women want to be seduced, they want to be swept off of their feet! The want to feel the butterflies, and their heart pound as their bodies begin to pulsate! (I sound like a romance novel…lol) The want this kind of experience, but very few man are able to give it to them, most men try to get them drunk and numb their senses so that they can fuck them or they are so boring that they bore her senseless with nice guy tactics. When you seduce a woman you bring her senses to life, you awaken parts of her that she may not have even known she had before.

I have spent thousands of dollars on all of the books, courses, videos, and seminars on dating and seduction techniques… Everything from NLP to Hypnosis and more in search of a proven method that will help you in adult dating and seducing the women you desire to have sex with ...But my research did not stop there…I also asked almost 1,000 women in my on going anonymous web survey every dating women related question I could think of! You will be amazing and shocked by some of their answers and advice they give! But they told me everything! Everything you need to know to be incredibly successful dating women and filled with great dating ideas!

If you would like to learn more about seduction follow this link or this one for more dating tips!


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