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Dating Tips

Dating Tips That Could Change Your Life!

So many men are looking for dating tips, becuase so many men these days have a hard time meeting and dating the type of women they truly desire. Many men settle for less than they want in the areas both phyical appearance and personality, values etc... Becuase they feel they are not able to meet a women of higher quality or better compatibility. A few good dating tips and seduction secrets can truly change a mans whole dating experience.

I am not talking about some canned pickup lines or magic formula, just real time tested, proven dating tips and seduction techniques based on input from men who are successful men and over 1,000 women. There is no magic formula that will guarantee you success with every woman, every time, but you can increase your chances very significantly and have more women than you ever dreamed of! You can go from in getting in 1:20 to 1:4 for example.

Anyone that tells you there are magic words or a magic pick-up line that works every time is trying very hard to sell you something and is lying to you! There are no magic ways to get women but there are proven dating tip and seduction secrets that works so well the they seem like magic! And by learning them you can gain the knowledge, ability and skills to become truly successful with women.

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Mark Simon

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