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Dating Sex

Are you getting all the dating sex you want?

If your not getting all of the dating sex or sex on your dates that you want then you need to keep reading. Why is it that some men get laid every time they turn around? They meet a girl and the next thing you know they are having sex... and other guys canít seem to get sex to save their lives!

One guy invites a girl over and she spend they have dating sex all night even though she has to be up early, and other guys take women out to dinner moves, spend $50-60 and canít even get a decent kiss let alone her to come back to his place for an all nighter!

Do you think itís luck, like the saying ďgetting luckyĒ, or the way he looks? Did you know that there are tons of good looking men go out with their buddies on the weekends becuase they canít get a date or sex and some of the uglyest men you would want to look at that are getting laid like rock stars!

Do you think itís money? If it is why do so many rich men pay for call girls? Rather than to date to have sex. Letís be hones good looks and money help, but they alone will not get you laid. I know men (and have been one my self) who have had women pay my way, pay my bills. let me use their car and give me hot sex every day! And I was totally broke!

I have also been on the other side of the situation where I could not get a date or sex to save my life and I had money, a nice car and a nice apartment and looked almost exactly the same!

What was the difference? I found that my attitude, beliefs, and behavior made all of the difference in the world and got me dating sex! Not the money, Not My looks, Not My Car!

I have spent thousands of dollars on all of the dating books, courses, videos, seminarsÖ Everything from NLP to Hypnosis and more in search of a proven method that will get you dating sex ...But my research did not stop thereÖI also asked almost 1,000 women in my on going anonymous web survey every dating sex related question I could think of! You will be amazing and shocked by some of their answers and advice they give! But they told me everything! Everything you need to know to be incredibly successful with women!

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